Many studies have shown that students do better in a personalized setting. And why not? In personalized education, everything is tailored to the specific needs of the student. Talents get developed more. Lots of progress is made. Personalized education is what educational concierges try to achieve.


Who is an educational concierge?

Simply, an educational concierge provides a student with personalized education. An educational concierge links students with the best tutors who will teach exactly what the learner needs to know. 


Think of a mother who wants her son to become better at classical music. She hires an educational concierge. What the concierge teacher will do is to evaluate the current skill level of the young boy, state clearly what the goal is, and develop a personalized roadmap that will get the boy there. The roadmap will include what lessons to take, what instruments to learn, what musicians to study, and so on.


What does an educational concierge do?

Personalized education

An educational concierge evaluates the path and method that a student needs to follow to achieve a certain goal. Think of a student who wants to learn how to build a mobile game. An educational concierge develops the path (programming languages) that the student needs to learn and in what order, and selects what materials will be necessary. An educational concierge makes education very customized for the student.


Learning roadmap customization

We learn differently. This is a fact that educational concierges recognize and embrace. Concierges develop customized roadmaps that outline steps that a student should take to reach their goal. These roadmaps are developed to suit the educational needs of the student while making learning fun.


Support provision

Concierges provide the support that a student needs while making their educational journey. These include guidance counselors, tutors, and even therapists. If needed, concierges put the student in touch with learning groups – people who are striving towards similar goals.


Expert advice

Education concierges are usually experienced educators and retired educational administrators. They have years and years of industry knowledge and so are more than capable of providing the right expert insights at all times. Apart from the student, educational concierges also advise schools and education boards.


Progress tracking

The only way to ascertain whether a student is getting closer to their goal is by tracking their progress. Educational concierges can effectively do this because they are experts in the education system. Some ways that they track progress include tests and projects.


Teach Play Learn provides educational concierge services to families who need personalized training roadmaps for their children. The company recognizes that children learn differently, and so develops unique education paths that will suit learners. Contact Teach Play Learn for highly personalized learning roadmaps for you and your family.

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