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CLATapult has created a set of 9 study modules, each book dedicated towards one of the disciplines of law that are covered under the examination.

This includes Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Criminal Law (covering both the Indian Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure), Law of Contracts, Law of Torts, Public International Law & Human Rights, Intellectual Property Rights and Environmental Law. Of these, the first two, viz. Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence, form the bulk of the content, given the increased weightage these two disciplines are accorded in CLAT over the past years.

However, each of the other subjects too has been dealt with in a comprehensive fashion, with the salient aspects highlighted, and important theories, applicable legislations, developments and case-law precedents focused on. While the content is not meant to cover any of the disciplines in depth, care has been taken to concentrate on those parts of the discipline that are usually amenable to multiple-choice questions as per the usual pattern of CLAT LL.M. papers and as wide a range as possible has been sought to be covered in the module dedicated towards each discipline.

The objective of this set of study material is not to supplant or replace the standard text books or classroom teaching for any of these subjects. The candidates for the examination would do well to keep that in mind and strengthen their conceptual fundamentals from the regular textbooks that they have studied at the undergraduate level.

The CLATapult study material is not meant as a substitute for those books, but rather as a supplement, meant to hone the conceptual and analytical ability of a student and help him/her to brush up the more important and relevant aspects of a discipline, thus helping the candidate to ace the examination with relative ease.

Any student who subscribes to these study materials should find himself/herself in a much more confident and comfortable zone to answer anything and everything that the CLAT LL.M. 2018 paper can throw at him/her, come the day of May, 2018. As the saying goes, proper preparation and planning prevents poor performance!              

Keeping this in mind, we also have come up with a series of mock examination papers of varying expertise levels that would enable to candidate not only to get a feel of how the final question paper is going to be, but also to acclimatise himself/herself with the examination conditions to the extent that he/she finds the final examination to be a mere routine that needs no additional preparation nor causing any stress or anxiety.

Each of these mock papers has been framed keeping in mind the subjects, past year paper patterns, quality and expertise level.

All of them are at least of the expertise level as a CLAT paper, while some are deliberately made tougher so as to help the candidate get a buffer zone of efficiency and preparatory level.

We are confident that any student who diligently goes through all these papers and replicates the instructions provided and prepares accordingly, will find it fairly easy facing the CLAT 2018 LL.M. Entrance Examination in the month of May, 2018.             

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