CLATapult has a set of 17 modules for the five subjects, covering the labyrinthine details, the secret recipe to cracking the Common Law Admission Test.

Here are the extracts of 10 of our 17 modules (the remaining are 2 Static General Knowledge modules, 2 Current Affairs modules, Logical Reasoning, Legal Reasoning Problems I and Legal Reasoning Problems II):

1. English  2. English Drill  3. English & Logical Reasoning Question Bank  4. Vocabulary  5. Mathematics  6. Law of Torts  7. Law of Contracts  8. Legal Awareness  9. Legal & Logical Reasoning Question Bank I  10. Legal & Logical Reasoning Question Bank II

Along with these modules that deal with the intricate theoretical details of each subject combined with hundreds of questions , CLATapult also comes up with its work-sheets for each class and several mock tests every year. This elephantine task, obviously, needed a special task force.


So, a bunch of very smart people were deployed to work continuously. Subjects were divided among them. Verticals were created for the supervision of the work done. It took three years of time and an unmentionable amount of physical and mental effort to set the foundations right.

The Content Development Team

Prashant Mukundan (Fourth Year, NUJS)

Samyak Sibhasish (Third Year, NUJS)

Sriraman Jha (Third Year, NUJS)

Devrupa Rakshit (Third Year, NUJS)

Poorvi Shah (Fourth Year, NUJS)

Sonakshi Das (Fourth Year, KIIT)

Abhik Chakroborty (Third Year, NUJS)

Agnidipto Tarafder (Research Assistant, NUJS, Co-Founder, CLATapult)

Raktima Roy (Fourth Year, NUJS)

Abhiroop De (Third Year, NUJS)

Tanuj Kalia (Co-Founder, CLATapult)

Aishwariya Chauhan (Fourth Year, RGNUL)

Roopali Adlakha (Fifth Year, NUJS)

Waseem Ahmed (Graduate, NUJS, Intellectual Property Rights Lawyer, Noida)

Anupama Sharma (Graduate, NUJS, LLM, University of Cambridge)

Rishi Ray (Third Year, NUJS)

Vishakha Gupta (Third Year, NUJS)

Pravar Veer Misra (Third Year, NUJS)

Amana Ranjan (Fifth Year, NUJS)

Ameya Mishra (Third Year, NUJS)

Sushruti Tripathy (Fourth Year, NUJS)

Anusha Reddy (Graduate, NUJS)





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