CLATapult Class Action (1 year course): Our trademark 1 year course for CLAT and other law entrances. In CLATapult Class Action you get 230 hours of exhaustive coaching on CLAT subjects coupled with one-on-one mentoring sessions and doubt-clearing classes. You are also continuously tested with our specially designed work-sheets, class tests, module books (17 for all 5 subjects) and mock tests (30 of them). 

CLATapult Brief (crash course): The Brief consists of 180 hours of intensive CLAT coaching, one-on-one mentoring sessions, doubt-clearing classes including 30 mock tests. 

CLATapult Blue Book (Postal Course Plus): Consists of the most rigorously researched and structured postal course on CLAT. The Blue Book covers everything the CLAT has to offer and allows you to test yourself on that with 30 supplementary mock tests. Price: Rs. 9800

CLATapult Probe (Test Series Plus): Contains 30 mock tests, 26 on the CLAT pattern and 2 each on Symbiosis and NLUD pattern. The Probe contains the most expected questions as well as the surprises which the CLAT framers might come up with. Price: Rs. 5400

CLATapult Counsel (2 year course): A marathon 400 hour course for those who want to start preparing for CLAT right from class 11. The Counsel has all the goodies of our 1 year course and of course, the extra edge. 


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