Class Action (the legal meaning): Class Action is an action in which a representative plaintiff sues or a representative defendant is sued on behalf of a class of plaintiffs or defendants who have the same interests in the litigation as their representative and whose rights or liabilities can be more efficiently determined as a group than in a series of individual suits.

CLAT Coaching in Bhubaneswar and Kolkata

CLATapult’s Class Action: This is our trademark 1 year course for CLAT, a class-room course where current students of NUJS, Kolkata and NLU, Odisha teach our law aspirant students.

We can relate to them, they are of our age”, one of our previous year’s students puts it.

  • In CLATapult Class Action you get 400 hours of exhaustive coaching on CLAT subjects coupled with one-on-one mentoring sessions and doubt-clearing classes.
  • Unlike every other place (including the big rabbit) we conduct five classes in a week in Kolkata, lasting eleven hours and six classes in a week in Bhubaneswar, lasting twelve hours.
  • The class hours are based on 22 sets of modules, designed to comprehensively cover all that CLAT people can ask you.
  • Additionally, each aspirant is provided with two work-sheets in every class, pertinent to the topic that is being taught.
  • Also, a set of Current Affairs monthly modules are provided every month, among the modules mentioned above.
  • 500 sectional tests of 50 marks each.
  • You are also continuously tested with our specially designed mock tests (60 of them).
  • Our class-room students get access to an exclusive online study group on Facebook where peers and mentors team-up to embark on a continuous learning journey.
  • They also get access to our google group, a knowledge-sharing platform where our teachers share work-sheets, speed reading and other online materials, books, past years’ papers, relevant theories and problems
  • 100 sectional tests for every subject throughout the year – 500 in all for all five subjects.
  • Screening of inspirational documentaries and movies, quizzes, debates.
  • Special Classes on Speed Reading Techniques and Time Management


NOTE: In case you want more information or want to register for the course please call at +91 9903635533 (Anzar Abbas) or send us a mail at



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