The Pattern of CLAT LLM

The examination consists of 150 marks, which is divided into 3 parts of 50 questions each, with each question having four answers to choose from and one mark assigned to each question.

The first part consists of questions based on Indian Constitutional Law, the second part consists of questions based on Jurisprudence and the third part consists of questions from several legal disciplines including Law of Torts, Indian Contract Law, Indian Criminal Law (including the Indian Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure), International Law, Environmental Law and Human Rights.

While the subjects are those every law graduate must have already covered in course of the LL.B. Programme, the key feature is solving 150 questions from various legal disciplines accurately in the space of 2 hours. Added to this is the fact that a wrongly selected option out of the four available will lead to a deduction of 0.25 marks.

The examination is now completely online and there is no possibility of changing an option after selecting it either.

The most important factor that can make a difference in this examination is therefore continuous, repeated and regular practice –to the extent that when the candidate faces the final question paper, it seems to him/her to be a mere repetition of the ones he/she has solved before many a time.

Recreating the examination conditions to the most accurate extent possible is therefore significant, especially in terms of the pattern and quality of the question papers that CLAT commonly prepares for the candidates.