Counsel (the legal meaning): A lawyer or group of lawyers giving legal advice and especially conducting a case in court.

CLATapult Bhubaneswar and Kolkata


CLATapult’s Counsel 

  • A marathon 2 year course for CLAT, consisting of 600 hours, for those who want to start preparing for CLAT right from class 11 coupled with one-on-one mentoring sessions and doubt-clearing classes.
  • Unlike every other place (including the big rabbit) we conduct four classes in a week in Kolkata, lasting eight hours and six classes in a week in Bhubaneswar, lasting twelve hours.
  • The class hours are based on 20 sets of modules, designed to comprehensively cover all that CLAT people can ask you.
  • Additionally, each aspirant is provided with two work-sheets in every class, pertinent to the topic that is being taught.
  • Also, a set of Current Affairs modules are provided every year, among the modules mentioned above.
  • You are also continuously tested with our specially designed mock tests (60 of them).
  • Our class-room students get access to an exclusive online study group on Facebook where peers and mentors team-up to embark on a continuous learning journey.
  • They also get access to our google group, a knowledge-sharing platform where our teachers share work-sheets, speed reading and other online materials, books, past years’ papers, relevant theories and problems
  • 200 sectional tests for every subject throughout the two years year – 1000 in all for all five subjects.
  • Screening of inspirational documentaries and movies, quizzes, debates.
  • Special Classes on Speed Reading Techniques and Time Management

NOTE: In case you want more information or want to register for the course please call at +91 9903635533 or send us a mail at

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