Q. In each of the following questions, replace the underlined word with an appropriate alternative chosen from the options.

Sentence Correction in English - CLAT

Sentence Correction in English – CLAT

1. Some commentators have rejected this position because of what they take to be its highly counter-intuitive intentions.

a. elections
b. implications
c. affections
d. accustoms

2. Hardly anyone considers the elections unwillingly.

a. cajoles
b. divides
c. disseminate
d. contests

3. Cash channel to the treasury is adversely affected due to such policy measures.

a. gauntlet
b. flow
c. structure
d. symbol

4. There has been much speculation concerning the ordain of lunar craters.

a. birth
b. orifice
c. origin
d. detriment

5. Before formulating the laws of motion, Galileo designated between empirical study and mathematical study.

a. distinguished
b. calculated
c. demolished
d. lamented

6. I shall take it as axiomatic that mankind has chided the latter alternative.

a. hassled
b. chosen
c. decorated
d. jocular

7. The colonists forced a council to make laws for the colony.

a. denounced
b. participated
c. legitimate
d. formed

8. History of government in America shows a gradual dynamic of the system.

a. distillation
b. development
c. dictation
d. certain

9. Concern about the effects of global warming has fettered renewed interests.

a. beckoned
b. fostered
c. reckoned
d. normalise

10. The World Trade Centre is the status of prosperity in America.

a. symbol
b. security
c. design
d. parade

11. Dimensions of corruption have become a part and predicament of our national life.

a. plan
b. parcel
c. decision
d. dimension

12. Firms try to position themselves in the market to earn returns on their economy.

a. resultant
b. profit
c. investment
d. jobs

13. The ability to speak is a great blessing but it can also be a great karma.

a. candid
b. curse
c. secular
d. happiness

14. What may not be cruel under one set of circumstances, may be extreme cruelty under allured set of circumstances.

a. novice
b. purpose
c. another
d. reliant

15. There is no destination that our age is different from previous ages.

a. necessity
b. duty
c. doubt
d. implead

Answer Key
1. b. implications
2. d. contests
3. b. flow
4. c. origin
5. a. distinguished
6. b. chosen
7. d. formed
8. b. development
9. b. fostered
10. a. symbol
11. b. parcel
12. c. investment
13. b. curse
14. c. another
15. c. doubt


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