Here is a useful strategy for CLAT. Give it a try in the mock tests to see if it suits you.

Research shows that taking multiple breaks for a lengthy intellectual tasks improves focus. CLAT is one such lengthy intellectual task. But taking a break can be suicidal in an exam where every minute counts.

But well, you can take a break. And here is how.

Questions in the General Knowledge section are fairly simple: you either know the answer or you don’t. Very little energy is expended. Of course, there is some intelligent guess work involved in some GK questions, but not in most.

English comprehension, legal and logic reasoning questions however involve significant thought.

So here is what you can do (the strategy):

Solve the English comprehension exercise and then solve 10 GK questions.

Then go back to solving, say, 8 legal reasoning questions and then solve another 10 GK questions.

And so on…

Use GK questions to sit back and take a break. And breathe.

This will allow you to stay more focused on the more challenging sections.

But make sure that you test this strategy in the mock tests you take to see if it works for you.

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