Throughout history, inventors have changed the world a little at a time with their innovations and creations.

It is necessary for students preparing for CLAT to know about the creators of some of the world’s most important inventions:


Inventions – Inventor

Adhesive Tape- Richard G. Drew

Aeroplane- Wilbur and Orville Wright

Braille- Louis Braille

Blue Jeans- Levis Strauss

Bunsen Burner- Robert Wilhelm Bunsen

Chemical Battery- Alessandro Volta

Chocolate Chips- Ruth Wakefield

Coca-Cola- John Stith Pemberton

Compound Microscope- Zacharias Janssen

Contact lenses- Adolf Eugen Fick

Contraceptive pills- Gregory Pincus and John Rock

Crayons- Edwin Binney and Harold Smith

Diesel Engine- Rudolf Diesel

Dynamite- Alfred Nobel

Dynamo- Michael Faraday

Electric iron- Henry.W.Seeley

Globe- Martin Behaim

Gramophone- Thomas Alva Edison

Incandescent electric light bulb- Thomas Alva Edison

Jet Engine- Frank Whittle

Lightning rod- Benjamin Franklin

Mechanical Pencil- Tokuji Hayakawa

Microphone- David Hughes

Microscope- Zacharias Janssen

Pasteurization- Louis Pasteur

Penicillin- Alexander Fleming

Polaroid Camera- Edwin Herbert Land

Potato Chips- George Crum

Printing Press- Johannes Gutenberg

Radio- Nikola Tesla

Refrigerator (Electric)- Thomas Moore

Sandwich- John Montagu

Telephone- Alexander Graham Bell

Television- John Logie Baird

Telegraph- Samuel Finley Breese Morse

Thermometer- Galileo Galilei

Typewriter- Christopher Latham Sholes

Velcro- George de Mestral

World Wide Web- Tim Berners Lee

X-Rays- Wilhelm Konrad von Roentgen

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