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Q. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words keeping in mind the context of the paragraph. Ensure that the coherence of the paragraph and the entire passage is maintained.

The researchers analysed specific measures including nose height, nostril width, distance between nostrils, protrusion and total surface area of the nose and nostrils. Then, they compared these (1)____ with local temperatures and humidity in various geographical regions. The findings revealed that nostril width was strongly linked with climate. Wider nostrils were found in more hot and (2)_____ areas, and narrower noses were more common in cold and dry areas.
This makes sense, considering that one of the central functions of the nose is to filter and condition inhaled air before it reaches the lower respiratory (3)____. Air should be warm and (4) ____ when it enters the body, and a narrower nose can more effectively condition cold, dry air in this manner.

Therefore, people in colder (5) ____climates who had narrower nose would be more likely to survive and reproduce than those with wider nostrils. So, among peoples living further from the equator, evolution would favour narrower noses.

The findings add heft to a (6)____ developed in the 1800s known as “Thompson’s rule,” which suggests that long, narrow noses occurred in colder areas, while short, wide noses were more likely found in hot, humid areas.

1. a) nostrils
b) measurements
c) samples
d) instances.

2. a) cold
b) springy
c) humid
d) scenic

3. a) way
b) location
c) current
d) tract

4. a) windy
b) complex
c) moist
d) hot

5. a) climates
b) societies
c) structures
d) weather

6. a) theorum
b) guesswork
c) premonition
d) epiphany

Viewed as a distinct (7)____ group, Kashmiris distinguish and create boundaries with those not ethnically Kashmiri or kaeshur. A blanket term used for outsiders in Kashmir is nybrem, irrespective of ethnic and geographic origins.

All Indians are referred to as nybrem. It is part of a commonly understood (8) _____. As an (9)_____ valley, making this distinction and identifying outsiders is inevitable.

The Banihal Pass is a tunnel that separates the Kashmir valley from the rest of Jammu and Kashmir and therefore the Indian plains. This tunnel acts as a symbolic boundary wall separating ethnic kaeshur people and the nybrem.

(10)____ and ethnic stereotyping happens all across India. It is inevitable in the vast clash of cultures the country envelops within it.

What is different for Kashmir is their construction of India as a (11) _____ other. In the rest of the country, individuals from different states are met with racial (12) _____ and prejudices that are distinctively regional.

The Biharis in Mumbai, Delhiites in Karnataka all have their share of negative stereotypes assigned to them. The othering of non-ethnic Kashmiris as ‘Indians’ or nybrem is unique and odd for those visiting the valley.

7. a) ethnic
b) territory
c) segmental
d) rationale

8. a) cuisine
b) idea
c) vocabulary
d) channel

9. a) serene
b) insular
c) gendered
d) parish

10. a) Random
b) Transitional
c) Sexist
d) Racial

11. a) difficult
b) homogenised
c) genetic
d) secluded

12. a) series
b) networks
c) levels
d) epithets

A fellow mom was one day hastily (13)_____ to the school and told that her five-year-old child was not following the traditional/teachers’ way of writing the alphabets. She had apparently devised a shortcut to the formations. The poor mom was at her wits end figuring out how to overcome this disaster.

I told her to book a table and celebrate with her husband. Her small child had done what we at 40 struggle to do. Reinventing!

So the next time you are told that your child has poor handwriting, thank the person, leave the room, hug your kids and be happy. You have a unique kid. Don’t force the kids to follow. Be brave to see and (14)____ their uniqueness. It’s an admirable quality.

Be your child’s first, last and best (15) _____. Tell her she is unique and polish her sparkle. She will meet too many people willing to tell her otherwise.

An Indian’s relationship with the chaat is perhaps the most sustainable and uncomplicated one he has in life. And it is only ever challenged in (16)____ and intensity by the one he/she has with Maggi.

The beauty of this relationship is that it doesn’t take too much effort to nurture it. Be it running an (17)_____ for your parents, going to get groceries when you are living alone, or returning from work, a chaat can be squeezed literally anywhere, almost any time. Add to that how easy most of the chaats are on your pocket. At least most of them.

Also, consider the sheer beauty in the plate: the mix of textures, colours and flavours. Hot and cold, sour, sweet and spicy, crispy and soft. Don’t tell me every time the dudes on Masterchef Australia said all those fancy words about (18)____ and other stuff, you weren’t reminded of the chaat?

13. a) wrangled
b) ridiculed
c) summoned
d) dictated

14. a) irritate
b) nurture
c) reject
d) examine

15. a) ally
b) enemy
c) teacher
d) excuse

16. a) simple
b) technicality
c) purity
d) improvement

17. a) errand
b) arrangement
c) business
d) altercation

18. a) marks
b) textures
c) tension
d) presentation

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” So goes the (19)____ by renowned French fashion designer and founder of one of the world’s most famous fashion brands, Coco Chanel.

The above mentioned quote by arguably the most popular figure in the global fashion industry certainly manages to define what fashion is all about—style, (20)____ and perfection. While the changes in women’s clothing and fashion since ancient times have been (21) ____ across the world, these variations mostly reflected the social and political (22)____ of various countries.

In India, the transformation in women’s clothing and fashion over the years has not been as (23)_____ as compared to its western counterparts owing to various traditional beliefs and values still held by most Indian women. Nevertheless, with changing times, even the most traditional apparels have been modified to give them an (24)____ look without compromising on tradition.

19. a) proverb
b) idiom
c) quote
d) idiosyncrasy

20. a) money
b) worth
c) elegance
d) knowledge

21. a) alerting
b) lampooned
c) uncertain
d) documented

22. a) scenarios
b) environment
c) fragmentation
d) circulation

23. a) determined
b) drastic
c) detrimental
d) derivative

24. a) model
b) iconic
c) urban
d) stylised

There are many instances of communities coming together for a common cause but such action is usually (25)____ by government schemes or interventions initiated by non-governmental organisations. Hesatu village in Jharkhand’s Ormanjhi administrative block, 27km from state capital Ranchi, is a notable exception.

In a state that derives its name from forests but where tree felling is (26) ____, 93 households of Hesatu have shown how to create a (27)_____ economy from ecology by raising a forest of over 100,000 trees on what used to be 365 acres of wasteland barely six years ago.

Spread across a 3 km radius, this village of 800 people had large acres of land lying (28)____, but till 2010, villagers who owned them did not know what to do with it. The situation is much (29)____ in 2017.

“The annual income through our agro-forestry (30)____ is between Rs 40 to Rs 50 lakh. That is what we had been earning for last few years,” resident Shivnath Pahan told

25. a) affirmed
b) catalysed
c) choked
d) relevant

26. a) rampant
b) protected
c) challenged
d) oriented

27. a) incremental
b) parallel
c) differential
d) sustainable

28. a) fruitful
b) fallow
c) disputed
d) consolidated

29. a) different
b) lacking
c) arranged
d) strange

30. a) period
b) idea
c) initiative
d) prerogative


Answer Key

  1. b) measurements
  2. c) humid
  3. d) tract
  4. c) moist
  5. a) climates
  6. a) theorum
  7. a) ethnic
  8. c) vocabulary
  9. b) insular
  10. d) Racial
  11. b) homogenised
  12. d) epithets
  13. c) summoned
  14. b) nurture
  15. a) ally
  16. c) purity
  17. a) errand
  18. b) textures
  19. c) quote
  20. c) elegance
  21. d) documented
  22. a) scenarios
  23. b) drastic
  24. c) urban
  25. b) catalysed
  26. a) rampant
  27. d) sustainable
  28. b) fallow
  29. a) different
  30. c) initiative


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