Arbina Dey

CLATapult’s General Knowledge Faculty

I plan to take one static General Knowledge and one current affairs class, each being an hour long session, per week, per centre. I have prepared two different strategies for both the classes, they are as follows:

Static General Knowledge: I plan to divide this vast subject into 5 parts –
History & Polity: This will cover 3 broad topics in turn—
Indian history—1. Ancient History    2. Medieval History    3. Modern History


Indian Polity—1. Parliamentary system and related concepts. 2. Local self governments 3. Concise notes and pointers on the constitutional provisions (Schedules, articles, lists, etc.) 4. Fundamental rights, duties, and DPSPs 5. Historical Cases 6. Political Parties 7. List of past governments, PMs, CMs, CJIs, etc. 8. Other relevant subtopics I can come up with.
World history—which would obviously include only the relevant topics for CLAT such as—major wars, revolutions, religions, major political systems, assassinations, leaders, etc.



India: States and UTs, Minerals & Resources, Physical forms, Ports, Neighboring countries, etc.
World & General: Definitions of physical features (like estuaries, isles, isthmus, and the likes) and locations of major landforms, Countries and capitals, Continent wise relevant facts and pointers, etc.


India: Major sports & rules, Major sport events & venues, past records and players, etc.
World: Major Sport events and venues, past records and players, etc.


Science & Technology:

Discoveries and inventions, Appliances and uses, Vaccines & medicines, Diseases and symptoms, etc. [Feb] Miscellaneous:

Books and authors, Awards and Prizes, National/International organizations, First-in-the-world, Cinema, Art & Cultures, Currencies, etc. [Mar] Current affairs:
I plan to have class discussions on recent events from all sections—national/international/sports/entertainment and end the class with 10 questions on most relevant events. (Weekly questionnaire)

Post monthly quizzes and compendiums on the class group, at the beginning of the next month.

So, this is how I plan to go about with the course, and I would like to reserve the month of April for revision and mocks. Also, periodic tests on static as well as current affairs will ensure self study and continued efforts. Online support would be provided to students. In the end, I look forward to have fun and interesting sessions with the kids, give them an all round coverage, and share my own tips and tricks.

Thanks & Regards

Arbina Dey, 2nd Year, NUJS.

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