In today’s globalized world it almost impossible for countries to remain in seclusion without interacting with other nations. These interactions can lead to certain disputes; they may also lead to the identification of trouble areas plaguing multiple nations.

Since the governmental bodies in different countries and their laws differ greatly it becomes difficult to decide about which law should prevail with regard to international level interactions.

In order to avoid conflict on these grounds and to ensure smooth functioning of the world order, various international organizations take up important roles. These international organizations have member nations from all over the world and act as a forum for diplomatic debates and negotiations.

Each international organization has a headquarters which is the control centre for the organization’s activities in the rest of the world. For the purpose of CLAT GK, this is one area which you must focus on.

Here is a list of some international organizations and their headquarters.

  1. United Nations– New York
  2. World Health Organization-Geneva, Switzerland
  3. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization-Paris, France
  4. International Atomic Energy Agency-Vienna, Austria
  5. United Nations Childrens’ Fund-New York, USA
  6. UN Women (United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women)-New York, USA
  7. International Paralympic Committee-Bonn, Germany
  8. World Bank-Washington DC, USA
  9. Commonwealth of Nations-London, UK
  10. Food and Agricultural Organization-Rome, Italy
  11. Amnesty International-London, UK
  12. Universal Postal Union-Bern, Switzerland
  13. Transparency International-Berlin, Germany
  14. Organization of Islamic Cooperation-Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  15. Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)-Zurich, Switzerland
  16. Fédération Internationale des Échecs(FIDE)-Athens, Greece
  17. Worldwide Fund for Nature-Gland, Switzerland
  18. International Shooting Sports Federation-Munich, Germany
  19. Doctors Without Borders-Geneva, Switzerland
  20. Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons-The Hague, Netherlands
  21. South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation-Kathmandu, Nepal
  22. Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation-Ebene, Mauritius
  23. Association of South East Asian Nations-Jakarta, Indonesia
  24. North Atlantic Treaty Organization-Brussels, Belgium
  25. Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation-Singapore
  26. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime-Vienna, Austria
  27. United Nations Environment Programme-Nairobi, Kenya
  28. United Nations Office for Project Services-Copenhagen, Denmark
  29. European Union-Brussels, Belgium
  30. Arab League-Cairo, Egypt
  31. Andean Community-Lima, Peru
  32. Caribbean Community-Georgetown, Guyana
  33. Arab Maghreb Union-Rabat, Morocco
  34. African Union-Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  35. Gulf Cooperation Council-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  36. Nordic Council-Copenhagen, Denmark
  37. Union of South American States-Quito, Ecuador
  38. World Customs Organization-Brussels, Belgium
  39. World Tourism Organization-Madrid, Spain
  40. International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)-Lyon, France
  41. European Space Agency-Paris, France
  42. International Seabed Commission-Kingston, Jamaica
  43. World Toilet Organization-Singapore
  44. Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission-Bangkok, Thailand
  45. United Nations Population Fund-New York, USA


Now answer these questions.

Where is the International Monetary Fund headquarters located?

  1. Geneva
  2. Tokyo
  3. Washington DC
  4. Sydney

Where is the headquarters of International Labour Organization located?

  1. Rome
  2. Geneva
  3. Chicago
  4. Copenhagen

Where is the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry headquarters located?

  1. Zurich
  2. San Francisco
  3. Abu Dhabi
  4. Cape Town

Where is the headquarters of International Hydrographic Organization located?

  1. Athens
  2. Monaco
  3. Beijing
  4. Dublin

Where is the International Cricket Council headquarters located?

  1. New Delhi
  2. London
  3. Cape Town
  4. Dubai

Where is the headquarters of International Renewable Energy Agency located?

  1. Abu Dhabi
  2. Helsinki
  3. Lisbon
  4. Manila

Where is the International Olympic Committee headquarters located?

  1. Moscow
  2. Oslo
  3. Lausanne
  4. Seoul

Where is the headquarters of International Marine Organization located?

  1. Berlin
  2. London
  3. Athens
  4. Geneva

Where is the International Hockey Federation headquarters located?

  1. Lausanne
  2. Geneva
  3. Rome
  4. Stockholm

Where is the headquarters of International Council on Monuments and Sites located?

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Zurich
  3. Madrid
  4. Paris



  1. c-Washington DC
  2. b-Geneva
  3. a-Zurich
  4. b-Monaco
  5. d-Dubai
  6. a-Abu Dhabi
  7. c-Lausanne
  8. b-London
  9. a-Lausanne
  10. d-Paris




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