Science has helped in making our lives easier and better. Scientific study requires carrying out various experiments and analyzing the data which is obtained. Various instruments act as aids in this pursuit of knowledge. How many of these scientific instruments are you aware of?

Here is a list of some important scientific instruments that you must know about. Remember that this is just a suggestive list and not exhaustive by any counts. Use this as a tool to aid and forward your preparation.

  1. Scientific Instrument: Altimeter

Utility: Measures altitude (usually used in aircrafts)


  1. Scientific Instrument: Audiometer

Utility: Measures the intensity of sound


  1. Scientific Instrument: Bolometer

Utility: Measures heat radiation


  1. Scientific Instrument: Colorimeter

Utility: Compares intensity of colours


  1. Scientific Instrument: Dynamo

Utility: Converts mechanical energy to electrical energy


  1. Scientific Instrument: Electroscope

Utility: Detects presence of an electric charge


  1. Scientific Instrument: Hygrometer

Utility: Measures moisture content in the atmosphere


  1. Scientific Instrument: Hydrophone

Utility: Converts acoustic energy into electrical energy (used in passive underwater systems)


  1. Scientific Instrument: Ohmmeter

Utility: Measures electric resistance in objects


  1. Scientific Instrument: Photometer

Utility: Compares the luminous intensity of the source of light


  1. Scientific Instrument: Pyrometer

Utility: Measures tempetature of a surface (usually used for very high temperatures)


  1. Scientific Instrument: Pyknometer

Utility: Determines the density and coefficient of expansion of liquids


  1. Scientific Instrument: Radiometer

Utility: Measures the emission of radiant energy (radiant flux of electromagnetic radiation)


  1. Scientific Instrument: Refractometer

Utility: Measures refractive index


  1. Scientific Instrument: Salinometer

Utility: Determines salinity of solution


  1. Scientific Instrument: Seismograph

Utility: Measures the intensity of earthquake shocks


  1. Scientific Instrument: Spherometer

Utility: Measures curvature of spherical objects


  1. Scientific Instrument: Telescope

Utility: Views distant objects in space


  1. Scientific Instrument: Viscometer

Utility: Measures the viscosity of liquids


  1. Scientific Instrument: Voltmeter

Utility: Measures the electric potential difference between two points


Answer these questions to see how aware you are about scientific instruments.

What is the utility of a calorimeter?

  1. Measures fat content of food
  2. Measures quantity of heat
  3. Determines propensity to be obese
  4. Measures salt content in food


How is a sachharimeter used?

  1. Measures the amount of sugar in a solution
  2. Determines the density of cloth
  3. Magnifies microscopic matter
  4. Detects UV rays


What is the purpose of using a theodolite?

  1. Views rapidly moving objects
  2. Captures slow motion images
  3. Regulates temperature of a room
  4. Measures horizontal and vertical angles


What is the utility of a manometer?

  1. Measures wingspan of birds
  2. Measures masculine features in animals
  3. Measures the pressure of gases
  4. Measures thickness of paper


How is an endoscope used?

  1. Measures nuclear capacity of a plant
  2. Examines internal parts of the body
  3. Calculates air bubbles in a batter
  4. Lightens the weight of a boat


What does a potentiometer measure?

  1. Caliber of students
  2. Potential in a circuit
  3. Redness of a swollen wound
  4. Success of antibiotics


What is the utility of an anemometer?

  1. Measures the quantity of algae in a pond
  2. Provides information on cliffs
  3. Measures force and velocity of wind
  4. Provides data on phones


How is a fathometer used?

  1. Measures improvement in technology
  2. Records the ability of people to believe in a particular idea
  3. Determines cut off in colleges
  4. Measures the depth of the ocean


What is the purpose of using a lactometer?

  1. Measures sound under water
  2. Determines the purity of milk
  3. Measures flexibility of rubber bands
  4. Checks for chemicals in food


What is the utility of a sphygmomanometer?

  1. Measures blood pressure
  2. Attacks viruses in the nasal cavity
  3. Controls spasms of the back muscles
  4. Maintains the strength of wood chips


How is used a hygrometer?

  1. Produces dietary nutrient charts
  2. Measures humidity in air
  3. Adds weight to cranes for stability
  4. Changes the direction of electric current


What is the purpose of using a barometer?

  1. Measures atmospheric pressure
  2. Attaches price tags to items
  3. Prepares manure from animal waste
  4. Purifies chlorinated water


What is the utility of a dilatometer?

  1. Measures number of pauses in a dial tone
  2. Dilutes semi solid substances
  3. Approximates probable costs
  4. Measures changes in volume of substances


How is a fluxmeter used?

  1. Determines freezing points of liquids
  2. Facilitates flowing of a river
  3. Measures magnetic flux
  4. Notes the amount of cavity penetration in a tooth


What is the purpose of using a tonometer?

  1. Measures the amount of rainfall
  2. Measures the pitch of a sound
  3. Multiplies light rays in dark regions
  4. Catches sound waves during echo



  1. b-Measures quantity of heat
  2. a-Measures the amount of sugar in a solution
  3. d-Measures horizontal and vertical angles
  4. c-Measures the pressure of gases
  5. b-Examines internal parts of the body
  6. b-Potential in a circuit
  7. c-Measures force and velocity of wind
  8. d-Measures the depth of the ocean
  9. b-Determines the purity of milk
  10. a-Measures blood pressure
  11. b-Measures humidity in air
  12. a-Measures atmospheric pressure
  13. d-Measures changes in volume of substances
  14. c-Measures magnetic flux
  15. b-Measures the pitch of a sound


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