Over centuries, several units have been devised to calculate exact measurement of different kinds. These units can be divided into two kinds—SI units and non SI units. SI units refer to the set of physical units called International System of Units which is used in the scientific world. Non SI units are all the other units which are commonly used. Knowledge of SI units is important since these are the units majorly used in scientific work and incorrect usage of scientific units can lead to incorrect results in most cases.


Here is a list of SI units of quantification for you to study.

  1. MeterMeasure of Length


  1. KilogramMeasure of Mass


  1. SecondMeasure of Time


  1. AmpereMeasure of Electric Current


  1. KelvinMeasure of Thermodynamic Temperature


  1. MoleMeasure of Amount of Substance


  1. CandelaMeasure of Luminous Intensity


  1. Radian- Measure of Angle


  1. Newton- Measure of Force and Weight


  1. Hertz– Measure of Frequency


  1. Steradian– Measure of Solid Angle


  1. Ohm– Measure of Electric Resistance, Electrical Impedance and Reactance


  1. Farad– Measure of Electrical Capacitance


  1. Lux– Measure of Illuminance


  1. Watt– Measure of Power and Radiant Flux


  1. Pascal– Measure of Pressure and Stress


  1. Joule– Measure of Energy, Work and Heat


  1. Coulomb– Measure of Electric Charge or Quantity of Electricity


  1. Siemens– Measure of Electrical Conductance


  1. Volt– Measure of Voltage (Electrical Potential Difference) and Electromotive Force


  1. Henry– Measure of Inductance


  1. Tesla– Measure of Magnetic Field Strength


  1. Katal– Measure of Catalytic Activity


  1. Gray– Measure of Absorbed Dose of Ionizing Radiation


  1. Sievert– Measure of Equivalent Dose of Ionizing Radiation


  1. Lumen– Measure of Luminous Flux


  1. Weber– Measure of Magnetic Flux


  1. Becquerel– Measure of Radioactivity (decays per unit time)


  1. Meter square– Measure of Area


  1. Meter cube– Measure of Volume


  1. Kilogram per cubic meter– Measure of Density


  1. Meter per second– Measure of Speed and Velocity


  1. Meter per second square– Measure of Acceleration



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