You are reading this because you, accidentally, got to see this on your feed.

But there are a select few from amongst you who happen to be here by choice and not by chance.

They chose to be here because they want to be successful in their pursuit of a dream law school, by cracking the Common Law Admission Test.

And that is exactly where we come.

We provide classroom coaching in Kolkata and correspondence coaching all across the country. If you are from Kolkata, you can visit us in one of our centers.

How can we be helpful?

We have a collection of modules (books which teach you like your mother does are called modules) covering all five subjects for CLAT, prepared exclusively by students of the National University of Juridical Sciences, the Kolkata-based National Law School and our alma mater (if you are aspiring to be in law school, you must already be knowing about it)

Here is the list of our modules:

1. Law of Contracts – gives you a basic idea about what Contracts really are, with a slew of CLAT-oriented examples (Questions based on Law of Contracts cover a significant portion of the CLAT paper)

2. Law of Torts – You are driving your master’s car and commit a wrong within the course of employment. Is your master liable under the principle of vicarious liability? A student aspiring for CLAT must already have come across a question in this pattern. To have e better understanding of the principle of vicarious liability or several other principles trending in CLAT paper every year, we have drafted this amazing book. Very handy.

3. Legal Reasoning Problems I – with the principles already clarified in the two books mentioned above, this book indulges you in the exercise mode. Hundreds of questions. And their answers and explanations as well.

4. Legal Reasoning Problems II – A continuation of the book mentioned above. Hundreds of questions again. With their answers and explanations, of course.

By the time you finish reading the two question-based books mentioned above, you shall have a grasp over the pattern of the Legal Reasoning section in CLAT and all the questions that could possibly come.

5. Legal and Logical Reasoning Problems I – a book consisting of both Legal and Logical Reasoning questions, a must read to attain an optimum level of understanding. Questions ranging from the medium difficulty to very high difficulty levels, this book might just scare you. But to quote Salman Khan, “Darr ke Aage Jeet hai”.

6. Legal and Logical Reasoning Problems II – A sequel to the last book mentioned above, this one has the potential of making you a master in the art of solving Legal Reasoning problems.

7. Logical Reasoning – Each of the last two modules is split into two halves, the other half consisting of equally outstanding questions from Logical Reasoning. But before you decide to tread onto those two, you would need to finish our Logical Reasoning module which deals with both Verbal as well as Analytical Reasoning.

8. English is divided into four books, the first one being the quintessential English textbook. This book visits every topic relevant for CLAT, taking care of the minutest of details meticulously.

9. English Drill – Deal with this book carefully, spend some time on it (questions range from medium to very difficult) and by the time you finish solving it, you would have aced the entire English section. Like our other problem-based books, this has answers and explanations to every question.

10. Vocabulary – 2500 words, in consonance with the kind of words that have featured in past years’ papers. Again, very handy.

11. English and Logical Reasoning Question Bank – An icing on the cake, this book is a combination of several hundred questions, divided between these to subjects. You finish this one, along with every other book mentioned here, and you already have elevated yourself to the top one thousand people amongst those 35,000-40,000 CLAT aspirants.

12. Mathematics I and II – 15 CLAT-oriented chapters, several solved examples, hundreds of questions to solve. It will be fun to go through this module. Afterall, Maths and Fun must go hand in hand.

13. Legal Awareness – A combination of Legal Awareness and Current Affairs. Precise, Concise and Beautiful.

Apart from these books, we provide 30 mock test-papers in the pattern of CLAT. With their answers and explanations.

These materials have been drafted with utmost dedication and focus, by people who have been there and done that, people who themselves have aced the Common Law Admission Test and are currently in NUJS, a premier law school. We assure you, you will love going through our materials.

If you are interested, fill up the form and we shall dispatch the materials.

You can pay the fee after you receive the materials.

If you have any queries, you can send us a mail at

If you want to review our materials before going for them, you can let us know at the above-mentioned e-mail ID. We shall send you the extracts from those books.


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  • ShubhamNovember 9, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    I would like to give the CLAT exam.
    I live in Mumbai so which classes would you recommend?

  • utsariJune 14, 2016 at 6:39 pm

    hello , i stay in mumbai and i wish to appear in clat 2018 . can i get the facility of distance learning ? if yes, can i know that how would u guide me ? are the above given materials included in the study course of distance learning ? please let me know in detail even the fee structure .

    • adminAugust 24, 2016 at 9:34 am

      Yes, we do provide distance learning programs. Get in touch with us at 91 990 363 55 33.


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