By Yudhajit

I started reading some articles on Law as a subject around December 2013 and developed an immense interest in the subject itself. By the end of the month, I was convinced that I wanted to earn my bread as a lawyer! And knowing about CLAT followed subsequently.

And then, as you all can expect, begun my search for an institute which shall be able to fulfill the parameters I tend to look for in a coaching centre. I started calling up the reputed institutions of Kolkata one after another.

Being a sceptical person, I didn’t hear a single convincing tone on the other end of the line. Some spoke about the age and reputation of their respective institutes while others told me of their one month crash course programme (since I was very late) and the impeccable study materials.

But they failed to answer me in a candid manner, that whether it is actually possible for me to get into a NLU after a month’s struggle, and instead went on obfuscating me.

And then finally I gave a call to CLATapult (Thanks to my stars!). I addressed the same query to them. What I heard on the other side was an energetic and passionate voice resplendent with more of a personal note than a professional one!

He frankly declared that I am in a dicey situation and cracking CLAT in three months (since I had my exams on March) will be really tough, leave alone 1 month ! And guys, this is Anzar to you.

He exhorted me to join them as soon as possible and that we can negotiate on the bill later. And that is how my journey towards a law school started !

At CLATapult I found a congenial and diligence inducing academic environment. There weren’t some old bozos teaching us (No offence intended!), but guys and girls from WBNUJS who were hardly 3-4 years older than me, whom we never called ‘Sir’ or ‘Mam’, but by their names!

Whenever I went to CLATapult I felt like I have joined my buddies for a group study session (with one among us being exceptionally smart) and not a conventional and strenous institute preparing us for a National level entrance exam !

Now let me come to the faculty members:

Siddharth Tiwary (GK) : Trust me, he is one guy who knows almost everything that is happening in the world’s largest democracy as well as around the globe! It’s worth following his advice at every step; and I can bet on my life that I am not exaggerating.

Sanya Parmar (Legal Aptitude) : She has the pragmatic attitude and rational mode of thinking, the quality a good lawyer will surely need to possess. If you are willing to learn, she is good enough to help you earn an above 40 in this section.

Siddharth Kaushik (Maths) : Maths, sounds spooky guys? Well dont worry as long as he is at your service! He is a calm, patient, empathetic and intelligent person, the qualities a teacher needs to possess to teach the most dreaded subject among CLAT aspirants.

Siddharth Narsipur (Legal Reasoning) : Eccentric genius! He can solve each and every tough question pertaining to this section and can teach you how to do the same.

Waseem Ahmed and Pranjal Singh ( English) : All you need to do is read articles written by them to realise how good their hold is on this particular topic. This is one section where you are on your own! But don’t worry, they will always be there for you in case you have even the slightest doubt regarding this subject.

And finally, I will write a word or two about Saiyed Anzar Abbass, the BOSS ! You have any problem in the world (even the weirdest ones!) regarding CLAT or even your personal life, you will love to speak to this guy! He is an epitome of inspiration, decorum and propriety.

And thus, I ultimately reach towards the end of my article and I shall like to conclude by saying a few words to the future CLAT aspirants.

Firstly, judge and analyse yourself and realise who you want to be.

Don’t take up a career (whatever it is, including Law) if your cup of tea is something else. You might reluctantly take up a subject and work relentlessly like a robot and land up a good job, but believe me, you shall certainly enjoy the privilege of eating well, but you will forever lose out on something more important–the privilege of sleeping well !

So believe in yourself and and dedicate your entire life to your dream. And considering that you want to be a lawyer and nothing else, I shall tell you you are bound to end up in a tier I law college if you work hard. CLAT isn’t tough at all, in fact it is one of the easiest entrance test in India!

Those of you, who are lucky enough to get one or two years for preparation, utilise the time to the optimum level. Then you won’t be surprised when your All India Rank will get you in NLSIU, NALSAR or NUJS. Trust me, it is no Rocket Science!

It’s simply about concentrated hard work and devotion. And lastly a warning for you all, compunction of not studying is far worse than failing! It will haunt you to eternity.

Its OK to fail but its not OK at all that you don’t try and blame everyone around you for your fiasco when you are the one solely responsible.

And even if you unfortunately fail to crack the exam due to extreme bad luck, don’t lose hope. It’s not the end of the world, it’s just the beginning !


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