By Amrita Ghosh

In each of the given sentences, identify the erroneous part.

English for CLAT

English for CLAT

  • (A) The governments/ (B)growing antipathy towards/ (C)the minority communities/ (D)is a source of worry.


  • (A) She always/ (B) speaks in / (C)an intelligence/ (D)manner.


  • (A) Of all the/ (B) methods that I have used,/ (C) this one is the/ (D)less helpful.


  • (A) The Ring was / (B) the best/ (C) horror movie of/ (D)the two.


  • (A) Previously this/ (B) playground used/ (C)to be full/ (D) with children.


  • (A) Mine wristwatch/ (B) was borrowed/ (C)by her/ (D)the day before.


  • (A) Can you/ (B) help me/ (C) in shifting / (D) my furnitures.


  • (A) Develoepment is / (B) a serious/ (C) concern for/ (D) third world nations.


  • (A) She has/ (B)a great/ (C) fondness/ (D) of puppies.


  • (A) Sagar loves/ (B)dancing on stage/ (C)more than/ (D)to sing.


  • (A) Dissent is / (B) necessary because/ (C) society are/ (D) usually averse to change.


  • (A) I apologised/ (B)despite it/ (C)being / (D)there fault.


  • (A) To keep up/ (B)with their changing/ (C) consumer base,/ (D) Light Bulb Cafe refurbished the interiors.


  • (A) You must/ (B) sample the/ (C) dishes from/ (D) it’s special menu.


  • (A) The story/ (B)had a/ (C) great affect/ (D) on me.


  • (A) When you/ (B)are done with your work,/ (C) can you go out/ (D) with Naresh and I?


  • (A) Will you/ (B)please drive/ (C) me too/ (D) the party?


  • (A) I was/ (B) breathless by/ (C) the time I reached/ (D) the pique of the mountain.


  • (A) Her toaster/ (B)is the one who/ (C)breaks down/ (D)frequently.


  • (A) To who/ (B)will the/ (C)letter be/ (D) addressed?


Answer Key

  1. A. “The governments” should be “The government’s”.
  2. C. “…an intelligence” should be “an intelligent”.
  3. D. “…less helpful” should be “least helpful”.
  4. B. “…the best” should be “the better”.
  5. C. “…to be full” should be “to be filled”.
  6. A. “Mine wristwatch” should be “My wristwatch”.
  7. D. “…my furnitures” should be “my furniture”.
  8. A. “Develoepment is” should be “Develpoment is”.
  9. D. “…of puppies” should be “for puppies”.
  10. D. “…to sing” should be “singing”.
  11. C. “…society are” should be “societies are”/ “society is”.
  12. D. “…there fault” should be “their fault”.
  13. B. “…with their changing” should be “with its changing”.
  14. D. “…it’s special menu” should be “its special menu”.
  15. C. “…great affect” should be “great effect”.
  16. D. “…with Naresh and I” should be “…with Naresh and me”.
  17. C. “…me too” should be “…me to”.
  18. D. “…the pique of the mountain” should be “the peak of the mountain”.
  19. B. “…is the one who” should be “is the one that”.
  20. A. “To who” should be “To whom”.


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