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Always time your test tasks. Put your phone away and try to solve these questions under 10 minutes!



Instructions for Q1-Q4: The following questions consist of five/six statements, each followed by options consisting of three statements put together in a specific order. Choose the best option which indicates a valid argument, that is, where the third statement is a conclusion drawn from the preceding two statements:


(A) No monsoon is a season.

(B) Some seasons are monsoons.

(C)  Some seasons are spring.

(D) No seasons are spring.

(E) Some monsoons are not spring.

(F) All monsoons are spring.

(a) DFA                                                                     (b) BEF

(c) CBE                                                                     (d) DEB

Answer: (a) DFA


(A) All penguins are white.

(B) All penguins eat fish.

(C) All penguins are birds.

(D) All birds do not fly high.

(E) Penguins do not fly high.

(a) ABC                                                               (b) BCA

(c) CED                                                                 (d) CAB

Answer: (c) CED


(A) All cars are trees.

(B) All trees are birds.

(C) Some birds are cars.

(D) All trees are cars.

(E) All birds fly.

(a) ABC                                                                    (b) CBA

(c) ABE                                                                     (d) none of these

Answer: (a) ABC


(A) All crackers are pollutants.

(B) All crackers are noisy.

(C) All crackers are burst during Diwali.

(D)  All cars are pollutants.

(E) Some pollutants are crackers.

(a) ABC                                                                    (b) BCA

(c) ADE                                                                     (d) all of the above

Answer: (c) ADE

Instructions for Q5-Q7: Each set of questions contains three arguments of three sentences each. Choose the argument with the most logical sequence, that is, where the third statement is the logical conclusion of the first two.


(A) All girls are tall. All tall girls are beautiful. Some beautiful girls are tall.

(B) Some cars are birds. Some birds are chairs. Some chairs are tables.

(C) All pigs fly. All birds fly. Some birds are pigs.

(a) (A)                                                                                  (b) (B)

(c) (C)                                                                                  (d) all of the above

Answer: (a) (A)


(A) All blue is big. All big is bright. All blue is bright.

(B) Some pink is white. Some pink is yellow. Some pink is neither white nor yellow.

(C) All eggs are white. All white is round. All eggs are big.

(a) (A) & (B)                                                                         (b) either (A) or (B)

(c) (C)                                                                                   (d) (a) or (b)

Answer: (a) (A) & (B)


(A) Some doors are windows. Some windows are brown. Some doors are brown.

(B) Some peacocks are white. Some doves are white. All birds are white.

(C) Some black is grey. No grey is yellow. Some black is not grey.

(a) (A)                                                                                   (b) (B)

(c) (C)                                                                                   (d) None of these.

Answer: (a) (A)

Instructions for Q8-Q10: The following questions have two sets of statements followed by two conclusions each. Read the questions to determine the most logical conclusions that follow the given statements, disregarding commonly known facts.

Mark your answers according to the given scheme:

(a) If only conclusion I follows.

(b) If only conclusion II follows.

(c) If either I or II follows.

(d) If neither I nor II follows.

(e) If both follow.



(A) All chairs are tables.

(B) All tables are windows.


I.   Some tables are chairs.                   

II. Some windows are chairs.

Answer: (e)



(A) some fruits are oranges.

(B) Some oranges are sour.


I. some fruits are sour.

II. Some sour are oranges.

Answer: (c)



(A) All flowers are petals.

(B) No petal is yellow.


I. No flower is yellow.

II. All petals are flowers.

Answer: (a)


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