This article attempts to help you find a sustainable approach that could help you clear the CLAT and get into the law school of your choice.

The first thing you need to know about CLAT is that there is no right way to prepare for it. Different people could have uniquely different methods, suiting them according to their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Irrespective of which approach you might want to take, there are a few points of commonality which you might do well to take note of.

Dream for CLAT

Dream for CLAT

1) Get your  basics clear.

Probably the most important part of your CLAT preparation is Getting your fundamentals cleared since this is an exam where your understanding  of the subject rather than your rote memory is important. Here are a few pointers on how to understand each of the subjects better.

a) English:

  • Increase your reading speed: This is relevant not only to the English section but the whole of the paper. Since CLAT is a speed exam, increasing your reading speed is of vital importance. One way to do this, apart from reading the Newspaper daily which is helpful for your Current Affairs’ section as well, is developing a reading habit by reading as many books as you lay your hands on.
  • Know your grammar: Grammar is something which we take for granted, and tend not to focus our attention on. But this is the area where we often lose marks. One of the prime reasons why such a situation crops up is that since there is a difference between spoken and written English which we, consciously, don’t take into consideration, we often imagine sentences in the form in which they are spoken whereas in reality they may be different in their written form.
  • Read this:

b) Logical Reasoning

  • Understand the subjectivity of critical reasoning, arguably the most difficult part of the exam. A lot of times, the answer you think is right may be wrong, a common phenomenon in this section. In these situations, it is best to swallow your pride and take it in your stride, even if you feel the answer given is not right.  Just read the sentences carefully and give yourself some time to think before coming up with a solution. Practice as many questions and as different kinds of questions as you can. That is the key, again.
  • To make way for the subjectivity of critical reasoning, make sure that the other parts of logical reasoning are clear to you. These could include puzzles, directions, number series among others. These are areas where you can easily score marks, so being good in these areas can only be to your benefit.

c) Legal Reasoning

  • The most important aspect of this part is to answer the question strictly according to the principle. The legal principle presented at times is weird. And aspirants make the mistake of choosing the answers that sound the most logical and not the ones which conform with the principles. Never do this! As moronic as the principle may sound, stick to it and answer the questions accordingly.

d) Mathematics

  • Elementary and very simple. If you are very good and/or have scored well in your class tenth, then the ride should not be very problematic for you. But if you are bad at it, then the only way to improve at it is to practice , practice and practice. In hindsight practice is the only practical option.

e) Gk/Current Affairs

  • Unpredictable, but achievable. 50 marks. You need to be up-to-date with both Current Affairs and Static GK, static GK because of the trend. Static GK carried 37 and 27 marks in CLAT’14 and ’13 respectively. It is not very difficult though. It requires dedication. And when you have plunged into the competition already, you must be ready to undertake the task of being dedicated and consistent. For Current Affairs, get hold of a good newspaper. We, here in CLATapult, advise our students to go for The Hindu, which is sans any advertisements and biased news coverage. On top of that, its language will help you in improving your vocabulary and reading speed. Read it everyday. And subscribe Competition in Focus. These two, when combined together, will definitely suffice to crack the Current Affairs Section.
  • For Static GK, go for Pearson’s General Knowledge.

2) Time your practice sessions  and take as many mock- tests as possible.

As you already know, time is of vital importance in this exam. You may choose not to practice every day but whenever you do be sure to time it.

Mock –tests are a good way to improve your time and efficiency. You can tailor your time and try different combinations reserving time slots for each section as you see fit. Mock – tests  also tell you where you stand in direct competition with others .It is always good to be among the top students in your respective institute but that does not imply that you will top in the main exam too .What is important that you find a model, making best use of your strongest areas in accordance with the time available and try to improve yourself with every new mock that you take up.




3) Get a good mentor or, at the very least, appropriate study material.

Even though there is only a limited amount a mentor can teach you, her guidance  and experience are useful assets to facilitate your preparation .

A good mentor can not only solve your many doubts, but give you a lot of tips on how best to approach the examination, specifically focusing on utilizing time effectively, strengthening the weaker areas and most importantly, giving the much-needed motivation which will help you in embarking in this journey, specifically in the stressful last few days towards the exam.

Aside from a good mentor , proper study material is key. Ideally this should include practice books and sample questions for each subject.

4) Think on your toes.

Books, mentors,  mock–tests can only help you prepare to a certain extent. Ultimately it all depends on what you do on that day. So you need to be 100 % ready to prepare for any eventuality.

Hannibal Barca once said ,” I will find a way, or make one.” He subsequently did just that, found a way by crossing  the Alps and invaded the mighty Roman empire. Likewise it is important to not get fazed by unexpected questions (as is the case, generally) and always find a way around them .

Remember to always trust your instincts. There will be a lot of questions where you will be torn between two options, remember not to over-think in such situations, just tick the one that strikes you first. Last but not the least, luck plays a very important role ,  so carrying your laughing Buddhas, lockets, horoscopes is a good idea, if at all the authorities allow it inside.  If not, well just hope lady luck stays by your side because you will need it.

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