Game of a Thrones, along with the host of other books by George R R Martin, is a master-piece that sets several examples that one could refer to, to acquire many life lessons.

When you prepare for CLAT, there are so many characters, words, circumstances, outcomes from the book(s) that you could learn and imbibe in your preparation process to do extraordinarily well in the exam.

  • Embrace your imperfections


Game of Thrones is full of characters with flaws, which either lead to their demise or lead to their success depending on how they use them and whether or not they embrace them.

As CLAT aspirants, you are bound to have flaws that you must accept and deal with. If you are aware of your weaknesses and still try to evade them, you are digging your own grave.

Your weaknesses could range from having a phobia in Mathematics, having a slow reading and comprehension skill to not being good with accuracy. You need to sit back, determine which area you fall within and deal with it head-first.

  • Fear brings out the bravery in you


Human courage, in particular, arises when life is testing us. Most of us have experienced tremendous fear in our lives, and we often surprise ourselves by finding a way to keep going and be resilient because it is in those most trying moments that bravery helps us to overcome our fears.

This quote acts as a reminder that we all have the strength within us and sometimes, the anticipation of an event is worse than the event itself, so it’s important to have faith in yourself.

The continuous dealings with the mocks and, eventually, the day of CLAT dreads every aspirant who has immersed himself into the preparatory process. Feeling scared is a normal tendency but the ones who have truly worked hard for the exam will walk out of the exam hall with flying colors. Because being full of fears when they are truly tested is the only time they will come out as courageous.

  • Be present in the Present and stop consuming yourself with the future

If we’re too busy worrying about the end, we won’t be present enough to enjoy living.

By sitting back idly and allowing things to happen to us, we are merely counting down the days until the end of the cycle but living your life actively allows you have a truly improved life and experience.

In the context of CLAT, thinking too much about the end-result could jeopardize your current preparation for the exam. Rather than putting a lot of mental effort into assuming how the D-day would be and making your current preparation ineffective, you should focus on your work on a daily basis, set weekly targets and try meeting them.

  • Every difficult experience makes you stronger


The only way to grow is through change and change is often a result of a painful or uncomfortable experience.

This is a typical and straight-forward expression of the relevance of the mocks in CLAT. Each time you take a mock, you will discover several flaws with your preparation method. You will go wrong in more ways than you could imagine. But that is the only way to learn, improvise and keep marching ahead.

  • Curiosity is a part of human nature


It’s human nature to want to know what’s on the other side of a wall, or if the grass is greener on the other side or to see how other people are living their lives. Curiosity is ingrained in all of us and satiating that curiosity is what helps us to learn and grow.

Need we say more? Be curious, go all out to grab the opportunity that has been bestowed upon you, gain as much knowledge as possible and do well in CLAT.


Valar Morghulis!

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