CLATapult has added 10 new module books to its already existing bunch of books, increasing the tally from 13 to 23. This is in pursuance of our long-held vision to make our study materials comprehensive enough for a student to crack CLAT just by referring to our module books.


We provide these modules alongside the mocks (60 in a year), 400 tests (of 50 marks each), work-sheets in every class, Current Affairs monthly compendia, subject-wise tests et al.

Here is the content section of our upcoming Legal Reasoning module:

1. Legal Reasoning in CLAT
2. Don’t apply your own knowledge to answer legal reasoning questions
3. Understanding the relevance of Law of Torts in CLAT
4. Position of Law of Torts in India
5. Introduction to the Law of Torts
6. The Constituents of the Law of Torts
7. Differences between Torts, Crimes and Contracts
8. Elements of the Law of Torts
9. The difference between a civil wrong and a criminal wrong
10. Tort of Malicious Prosecution
11. Tort of Defamation
12. Tort of Trespass
13. Defamation II
14. Tort of Nuisance
15. Negligence
16. Vicarious Liability
17. Vicarious Liability II
18. Negligence II
19. General Defences: Plaintiff, the wrong-doer & Right of Private Defence
20. Private Defence
21. Inevitable Accident
22. Act of God
23. Vis Major (Act of God)
24. Necessity
25. Volenti Non Fit Injuria
26. Volenti Non Fit Injuria II
27. Contributory Negligence
28. Contributory Negligence II
29. Statutory Authority
30. Plaintiff, the wrong-doer
31. Statutory Authority II
32. The Art of Reasoning
33. Introduction to Law of Contracts
34. Offer
35. Agreement vs. Contract
36. Consideration
37. An Introduction to Criminal Law
38. 6 General Exceptions in Criminal Law
39. Theft
40. An enigma, that is Legal Reasoning
41. Legal GK: Introduction to Law
42. Landmark Legal Cases: India & Foreign
43. Important Legal Information
44. Legal Terminology
45. Legal Maxims and Foreign Words
46. Legal Vocabulary
47. Legal Maxims II
48. Legal Vocabulary II
49. Key-words and Phrases
50. Questions, questions & questions

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