By Amrita Ghosh

In each of the given sentences, identify the erroneous part.


  • (A) Who’s pencil/ (B)box is/ (C) that?/ (D) No error


  • (A) I like/ (B)her fashion/ (C)sense alot. / (D) No error


  • (A) He walked/ (B)in to the/ (C) office with an arrogant smirk./ (D) No error


  • (A) I hope/ (B) that they/ (C) do not loose/ (D) today’s match.


  • (A) He is better/ (B)at driving/ (C) then his brother./ (D) No error


  • (A) She shoulda/ (B)spoken to me/ (C) about this earlier./ (D) No error


  • (A) I ensure/ (B)you that/ (C) he will get the job done./ (D) No error


  • (A) I am/ (B)flattered by/ (C) your complement./ (D) No error


  • (A) I have no/ (B) farther questions/ (C) in this regard./ (D) No error


  • (A)I wish / (B) to visit/ (C) paris one day./ (D) No error


  • (A) I am finding/ (B) it difficult/ (C) to choose between/ (D) all these items.


  • (A) The Sandy Hills/ (B) lay between/ (C) the two nations./ (D) No error


  • (A) I am going to/ (B) withdraw cash/ (C) from the ATM machine./ (D) No error


  • (A) I cannot go/ (B) home whether/ (C) you do not drive me back./ (D) No error


  • (A) I have to return/ (B) early today since/ (C) my mother is ill./ (D) No error


  • (A) If you except/ (B) to make everyone happy,/ (C) you shall be disappointed./ (D) No error


  • (A) Magicians use/ (B) allusions to/ (C) entertain the audience./ (D) No error


  • (A) May I/ (B) lend your/ (C) sharpener?/ (D) No error


  • (A) The boy/ (B) was involved in/ (C) elicit drug trafficking./ (D) No error


  • (A) She has/ (B) past the grade/ (C) with flying colours./ (D) No error

English for CLAT

Answer Key

  1. A. “Who’s pencil” should be “Whose pencil”.
  2. C. “…sense alot” should be “sense a lot”.
  3. B. “…in to the” should be “into the”.
  4. C. “…do not loose” should be “do not lose”.
  5. C. “…then his brother” should be “than his brother”.
  6. A. “She shoulda” should be “She should have”.
  7. A. “I ensure” should be “I assure”.
  8. C. “…your complement” should be “your compliment”.
  9. B. “…farther questions” should be “further questions”.
  10. C. “…paris one day” should be “Paris one day”.
  11. C. “…to choose between” should “to choose among”.
  12. B. “…lay between” should be “lie between”.
  13. C. “…from the ATM machine” should be “from the ATM”.
  14. B. “…home whether” should be “…home if”.
  15. B. “…early today since” should “early today because”.
  16. A. “If you except” should be “If you expect”.
  17. B. “…allusions to” should be “illusions to”.
  18. B. “…lend your” should be “borrow your”.
  19. C. “…elicit drug trafficking” should be “illicit drug trafficking”.
  20. B. “…past the grade” should be “passed the grade”.



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