Imagine a building with some bricks missing. Will it not look odd?

Do you think it will be able to hold good for long?

They say that words are the building blocks of sentences.

Can you imagine what would happen if you were presented with a paragraph full of sentences with some of the words missing?

Surely it would be extremely difficult for you to make sense of it. Perhaps you will be able to make some sense of it but the probability of you understanding incorrectly is high.

With the help of the Cloze Test, CLAT presents you with an opportunity to play detective and find missing links.

The Cloze Test is meant to help you develop skills of filling in the gap.

This section aims to not only test your vocabulary but also your skills at understanding the context.

Since CLAT is an objective test you must be particularly careful.

Keep these new words in mind while attempting these questions because not knowing what the options in front of you mean can be disastrous.

Be careful about grammar while doing these questions.

A mistake of tense or placing a verb which does not agree with its subject can change end up changing the meaning altogether.

The trick here is to focus on the context and look for clues before filling in the blanks.

As always you must keep in mind that you need to select the most appropriate answer. Also keep in mind that performing well in the Cloze Test will bring you one step closer to cracking CLAT!

Take note of these examples.

1. I visited the supermarket yesterday. I purchased some (A) ____ and bread for my sandwich.

a) cheese
b) hamburger
c) cupboard
d) towel

The correct answer is a—Cheese.

The clues here are supermarket, bread and sandwich. The correct word is some item which is found at the supermarket and used with bread while making a sandwich. So cheese is the right answer here.

2. I love (B) ____ so much that I built myself garden behind my house.

a) guns
b) Cheetos
c) flowers
d) cardboard

The correct answer is c—flowers. The clue here is garden. The correct word is something which is found in a garden which would justify the author’s decision to build one. So flowers is the right answer.

3. (C) ____ cause blocking of drains and are a key contributor to land pollution.

a) Wild grasses
b) Polythene bags
c) Manure
d) Water

The correct answer is b—Polythene bags. The clues here are blocking of drains and land pollution. The correct word(s) are some item which blocks drains and contributes to land pollution. So polythene bags is the right answer.

4. I cannot bear your (D) ____ any longer. I think you should attend anger management sessions.

a) stomach upsets
b) chivalry
c) stones
d) temper

The correct answer is d—temper. The clues here are cannot bear and anger management. The correct word is something that is difficult to tolerate and may have a solution in anger management sessions. So temper is the right answer.

5. You are so (E) ____ that everyone thinks that you are the eldest daughter in the family.

a) wounded
b) free
c) tall
d) scary

The correct answer is c—tall. The clue here is eldest daughter in the family. The correct word is some characteristic which makes others think of one as the eldest daughter. The most appropriate answer here is tall.


Now it is your turn to solve some questions. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate answers.

1. My aunt is extremely (A) ____. When I visit her I am expected to maintain the (B) ___that she sets. She is always worried about me going outside because it is (C) ___.

(A) a) strict
b) sweet
c) careful
d) cute

(B) a) taste
b) water
c) curfew hour
d) aquarium fishes

(C) a) a fun place
b) a distracting area
c) an unsafe place
d) full of bugs

2. (A) ___ are used to make food spicy. People with (B) ___ should not eat chilies because it can (C) ___ their condition.

(A) a) Chillies
b) Sugars
c) Lime
d) Rockstars

(B) a) strong stomachs
b) love for peaches
c) stomach ulcers

(C) a) greater
b) worsen
c) wine
d) type

3. One of the most important elements is (A) ___. It helps in the (B) ___ of plants and aids (C) ___ in human beings.

(A) a) water
b) fire
c) land
d) air

(B) a) dirt
b) oil
c) growth
d) kettle

(C) a) grumbling
b) digestion
c) dialogue
d) earrings

4. (A) ___ full of potholes are the main reason for the increase in (B) ____ in the state.

(A) a)Roads
b) Ice-creams
c) Shaving
d) Faces

(B) a) keys
b) cuts
c) accidents
d) pride

5. A good instructor can guide you about how you should (A) ___. You should be careful not to strain your (B) ___ while working out at the gym.

(A) a) learn
b) time
c) plan
d) exercise

(B) a) muscles
c) brain
d) high

6. The doctor has asked me to take a (A)¬ _____ test. He said that he is going to decide on whether I should undergo an (B) ____ based on the results.

(A) a) spelling
b) driving
c) blood
d) food

(B) a) operation
b) aphorism
c) titillation
d) igloo

7. (A)___ is a source of mystery to us. Whether aliens exist has (B) ___ for a long time. Currently extensive (C) ____ is being carried out to understand the truth behind the (D) ___ of this universe.

(A) a) Modular kitchen

b) Kitsch furniture
c) Candelabra
d) Outer space

(B) a) intrigued
b) idolatry
c) pernicious
d) illustrious

(C) a) acumen
b) covet
c) research
d) pranks

(D) a) existence
b) palatability
c) pandemonium
d) emollient

8. The professor, despite being highly (A) ____ is not a great teacher. He finds it difficult to (B) ___ the entire class in discussions. A key issue with him is that he believes that he is simply responsible for teaching them what is mentioned in the (C) ___ and not directly responsible for their (D) ___.

(A) a) qualified
b) secondary
c) dignified
d) temporary

(B) a) inculcate
b) incredulity
c) involve
d) emend

(C) a) syllabus
b) timetable
c) cantaloupe
d) examination

(D) a) remembrance
b) retribution
c) tutorial
d) learning

9. Mining involves digging deep into the ground in order to (A) ___ resources. Miners face the risk of a number of (B)____ due to their prolonged exposure to (C) ____.

(A) a) exquisite
b) plenitude
c) extract
d) irrigate

(B) a) respiratory diseases
b) accidents
c) falsehood claims
d) peculiar encounters

(C) a) difficult people
b) poisonous fumes
c) television screens
d) heavy work

10. Steel is an (A) ____ of iron. Stainless steel is a (B) ____ of steel. It is rust proof which accounts for its (C) ____ among industries.

(A) a) ally
b) alloy
c) similarity
d) morass

(B) a) form
b) formula
c) foundation
d) typical

(C) a) popularity
b) contacts
c) technicality

11. The Constitution is the (A) ____ for law in India. No law can violate a (B) ____ provision. Any law which does so shall be (C) ____.

A) a) rule book
b) solubility
c) reverberations
d) dialogue

B) a)directive
b) constitutional
c) careless
d) aided

C) a) accepted
b) ratified
c) void
d) defined

12. Deriving leather from animals is (A) _____ in the country. This decision was taken following the (B) ____ by animal activists. (C) ____ leather has become popular among (D) ____ in the wake of this decision.

A) a) banned
b) celebrity
c) radiant
d) reticent

B) a) belligerent
b) outcry
c) originality
d) pride

C) a) Faux
b) Brine soaked
c) Noisome
d) Munificent

D) a) offices
b) fashionistas
c) chimney
d) churros

13. His mother (A) ____ the family home in order to (B) ___his education abroad. She has great (C) ____ from her son.

A) a) mortgaged
b) immortalised
c) mummified
d) multifarious

B) a) intransigent
b) foundation
c) laconic
d) fund

C) a) heterogeneous
b) idiosyncratic
c) expectations
d) licentious

14. Nature tours are ideal for observing animal (A) ____. The animals living in the wild are clearly better off than their (B) ____ counterparts. Zoos till date have been unsuccessful in recreating a (C) ____ environment for the animals.

A) a) psychology
b) chemistry
c) concomitant
d) correct

B) a) utterance
b) urban
c) rowdiness
d) corpulence

C) a) difficult
b) discursive
c) natural
d) miniscule

15. In order to correctly review an act the judge must first focus on the (A) ____ of the parties involved. It must be remembered that the act may have resulted from the (B) ___ that the parties found themselves in. In case of acts which must be (C) ____ under the law, the judge must exercise extreme (D) ____ keeping in mind that the decision can have serious (E) ___ on someone’s life.

A) a) impugn
b) intention
c) convivial
d) findings

B) a) muffler
b) pithy
c) circumstances
d) didactic

C) a) punished
b) piercing
c) quandary
d) mined

D) a) casualty
b) bickering
c) binary
d) caution

E) a) repercussions
b) consequential
c) isolation
d) periphery

16. Clothes made of (A) ____ are the best choice during the hot (B) ____ months. Unlike synthetic fabrics which accumulate (C) ____ and make wearers uncomfortable, these clothes are meant to provide (D) ____.

A) a) cotton fabric
b) cocoons
c) whey husk
d) wood shavings

B) a) auburn
b) summer
c) summation
d) saturation

C) a) sweat
b) diction
c) inchoate
d) jocular

D) a) stature
b) slimming
c) comfort
d) appearance

17. Social (A) ___ is extremely important in today’s world. All the expensive items that you tend to purchase are in fact a sign of (B)___ which reflect your position in the social (C) ___.

A) a) site
b) statute
c) status
d) semaphore

B) a) affluence
b) idealism
c) uncanny
d) swarthy

C) a) calendar
c) ladder
d) titular

18. It is ridiculous to let yourself be (A) ____ by every comment made by a stranger on social media channels. If you want to survive in this (B) ____ world then you must remember that patience and (C) ___are your twin weapons.

A) a) imitated
b) affected
c) recalcitrant
d) righteous

B) a) virtual
b) virtuous
c) phlegm
d) sluggish

C) a) tolerance
b) minority
c) teenage
d) angst

19. Firms insure their factories for millions of dollars because they operate in (A) ___ industries. Here the competition is so (B) ____ that loss is not an option.

A) a) tender
b) time consuming
c) high risk
d) futuristic

B) a) tiring
b) fierce
c) partisan
d) remiss

20. Noise pollution is an unfortunate (A) ____ that the world is faced with today. Industries and (B) ___ are the chief contributors to this phenomenon. Clearly the worst affected groups are children and (C) ___ individuals.

A) a) result
b) ostracism
c) reality
d) paradigm

B) a) microwaves
b) media
c) mice
d) motor vehicles

C) a) errant
b) elderly
c) adventurous
d) ubiquitous



1. A) a-strict
B) c-curfew hours
C) c-an unsafe place

2. A) a-Chillies
B) c-stomach ulcers
C) b-worsen

3. A) a-water
B) c-growth
C) b-digestion

4. A) a-Roads
B) c-accidents

5. A) d-exercise
B) a-muscles

6. A) c-blood
B) a-operation

7. A) d-Outer space
B) a-intrigued
C) c-research
D) a-existence

8. A) a-qualified
B) c-involve
C) a-syllabus
D) d-learning

9. A) c-extract
B) a-respiratory diseases
C) b-poisonous fumes

10. A) b-alloy
B) a-form
C) a-popularity

11. A) a-rule book
B) b-constitutional
C) c-void

12. A) a-banned
B) b-outcry
C) a-Faux
D) b-fashionistas

13.A) a-mortgaged
B) d-fund
C) c-expectations

14. A) a-psychology
B) b-urban
C) c-natural

15. A) b-intention
B) c-circumstances
C) a-punished
D) d-caution
E) a-repercussions

16. A) a-cotton fabrics
B) b-summer
C) a-sweat
D) c-comfort

17. A) c-status
B) a-affluence
C) c-ladder

18. A) b-affected
B) a-virtual
C) a-tolerance

19. A) c-high risk
B) b-fierce

20. A) c-reality
B) d-motor vehicles
C) b-elderly

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